To change translations, swipe left or right, use the left and right arrow keys, or use the left and right arrows in the menu bar.

To change canto, use the up and down arrows or use the left and right arrow keys. You can also swipe up or down when you are at the bottom or top (respectively) of a canto.

Tap on the gear in the upper right to go to settings. When you are in settings:

  • Check or uncheck a translation to select the translations that you want to read.
  • Choose a canto and a translation to go directly to a point in the text.
  • If you turn Twin mode on, you'll see side-by-side translations if your screen is wide enough.
  • Choosing Night mode makes the text light and the background dark. Day mode (the default) makes the text dark and the background light.
  • Clicking on the title bar will take you back to the text.


About the texts

About this app

This app is designed to present texts in multiple translations. It was made by Dan Visel, who wanted to read Dante but wasn’t sure which translation to read, so he made this to read them all at once. Please let him know if there are any bugs or if you have suggestions for future versions. The project home page is here. If you’re interested, the source code can be found on Github.

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